Ventilate A Marijuana Crop

With the ventilation, we will control the excess of humidity produced by the earth and the plants and at the same time the excessive heat caused by the lamps.

In this way, and also taking into account that our plants need to breathe and have a constant contribution of CO2 and O2 in the environment, renew the air of our culture space is essential, even more, if we can use the air extraction equipment to eliminate the intense smell of flowering plants.

Using a simple extractor of air and an integrator of lower flow than the first is usually sufficient to achieve an environment conducive to our plants, with enough temperatures and humidity levels and adequate air renewal. Using a fan that removes the air inside the cultivation space is also recommended, as we avoid creating heat pockets or rarefied air. To eliminate odors from the crop, we directly connect a carbon filter- or a tubular Detonator – to the air extractor, so that it is filtered before being expelled from the closet/room.

Typically, the plants develop better at temperatures close to 20ºC with the light off and about 26-28ºC with the light on. The relative humidity should be 60-70% in the growth phase and around 50% during flowering. Most growers use thermo-hygrometers with minimum / maximum reading to monitor these values and timers to turn ventilation on or off based on these readings, although climate control units that become the ventilation equipment on and off automatically can also be used according to the parameters that we have introduced.

As you can imagine, the power of our ventilation equipment should be according to the volume of the growing room and the type and control of the lighting equipment, since part of its function is to eliminate the heat emitted by the light bulbs and not only be able to renew the air of the cultivation space in a few minutes.

Nutrition And Substrates For Marijuana Plants

We have the lighting equipment that best adapts to our growing space, and we have already chosen adequate ventilation for it. We now have to decide what kind of crop we want to grow. Although there are many techniques and systems, we will start with the basics, organic farming, because this type of cultivation allows more mistakes by the new grower and, in our opinion, better quality offers.


Another critical aspect in the indoor cultivation is a correct renovation of the air in the room, as well as an active odor filtering that leaves the air that goes the odor free space.

You can consult this useful post about how to ventilate a marijuana crop to obtain more information.

Air Extractor: Reduces heat and humidity, helps in the renewal of air, you can attach a carbon filter or a tubular Detonator to eliminate the smell of plants.

Air Contractor: It should always be of less capacity (m3 / h) than the extractor. Introduce fresh air in the room/closet, renewing the air. In some instances, it can be dispensed with and use the passive interaction (as the extractor evacuates air from the room, fresh air from the outside will enter through the intractable grid without the need for any device).