Growing The Best Weed Today

With the legalization of cannabis in most parts of the world, it won’t be surprising to know that some people are starting to grow their own cannabis. But did you know that there are different ways on how you can grow them? Yes, and the way they taste will depend on how you are going to grow them. You need to understand everything from photosynthesis. Of course, you also need a lot of patience and amazing genes. 

In this article by Danny Danko, he talks about how you can improve the potency, scent, and as well as the flavor of the cannabis. You will surely get to impress everyone if you get to follow these useful tips below:

1. Acquire Elite Seeds Or Clones

No matter how skilled you are at cannabis cultivation, you simply can’t produce perfect pot from inferior strains. Even with everything dialed in perfectly, you’ll find your biggest limitation is the genetic potential of the variety you’ve chosen to plant.

Source your seeds or clones from reputable sources to ensure that they are what they say they are. If you find that you’re growing something that doesn’t live up to your standards, don’t hesitate to kill off any inferior strains in favor of some grade-A, connoisseur-quality bud.

2. Feed Lightly

Overfeeding runs rampant among many marijuana grows. Nutrient companies tend to recommend using high levels of plant food (hoping that you’ll empty the bottles quickly and buy more). Burnt tips on leaves are a sure sign of an overabundance of salts and minerals in your plants. See full post here..